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I'm Charlie O'Regan and I'm a Games Programmer. I have studied games programming for 2 years. I have a large focus on C++, C# and Unreal Engine Blueprints.

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Location: NSW, Australia


Planet Nine

"Planet Nine is an atmospheric, first-person puzzle game set in a factory on an abandoned mining planet. The planet has been overwhelmed by a photosensitive toxin and the light is the only means of safety. Players must use their wits and the light to solve complex puzzles and escape the planet…"

Planet Nine is my team's Major Production at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, on this project I am the Lead Programmer, helping out with managment and also doing my fair share of programming work.

Awarded for the "Most Impressive Advanced Diploma Game Project" 


Make Awesome

A first-person, movement shooter where you're small, you go fast, and shoot things to make them awesome. Wall run, mine jump, and hop around a giant kitchen and use your Make Awesome Gun to fill in and finalise the assets in the scene, from blockout to textured. Be sure to cleanse any corrupted, glitchy assets that might appear in the scene, as they can easily spread across the level and revert your progress!

This project was made during the AIE 2022 DECEMBER GAME JAM, a 48hr game jam.


Rust To Dust

Rust to Dust was made as my first year major production at AIE. The development of the game was a 10 week process, from pre-production to hitting the gold milestone. On this project I worked as the programming lead, working on systems like movement, weapon systems, waves and other various things. All in all I am fairly proud of how this game turned out as a team effort for a first year production.


"You contributed a great deal to the project and I feel that your work really helped make the game the playable product that it is."
Tony Oakden, Teacher


Listed here is a bunch of small example projects that I've worked on for a short time.


This small infinite procedural generation project was something I did in my free time to test out my knowledge of Unity and if I could optimise it properly. Using different layers of perlin noise to make a some what believable terrain system, even though the assets I used are very stylised.


C++ 2D Physics Engine

A C++ 2D Physics Engine to gain an understanding and apply my knowledge of Physics and C++.

Zelda like.jpg

This was a quick project made over a week or 2, this controller has automatic edge detection, dodge rolling and 360 movement to make it feel like an older zelda game. This was quite challenging to get feeling right however I believe I eventually achieved it.


C++ 3D Graphics Engine

I worked on a C++ 3D Engine to gain a further understanding of OpenGL and Graphics in general.


Infinite Procedural Generation

Zelda-Like Controller


I am a hard working and passionate programmer with a heavy interest in gameplay programming.

I have been using game engines to create projects since I was 12 years old, I started off using "Game Maker Studio" and quickly found my love for programming specifically, since then I have moved onto bigger and better things using "Unity" and "Unreal Engine" to create more small tests.


I am currently using "Unreal Engine" more and more everyday and it is by far my favourite engine.

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